Obukhovsky Cargo Terminal (affiliated with YugBunkerService Group) offers general cargo transshipment services

The general-purpose transshipment terminal is situated on the right riverside  of  the Kalancha side-arm of the Don River, in 1,26 nautical miles from the outlet, in north-east industrial area of the hamlet of Obukhovka of Azov district of Rostov Region. The Kalancha side-arm flows on the south-western side of the terminal, its  navigable channel  and the side water depth of the terminal’s berths are both of 4,8 m. in deep, that allows the terminal to serve vessels of up to 5500 DWTs.

The terminal has three berths for cargo vessels’ mooring for transshipment operations. A transfer of general cargo to and from ships is carried out by portal slewing cranes. There are a number of storage facilities for cargo’ temporary storage, with overall capacity of 25.000 tons. A rate of discharging (from a vessel to a warehouse as well as from a warehouse to a truck) is 1.500 tons per day.


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